The majority of hinges are available in a choice of finishes – we have listed the most popular ones below. Additional finishes are available, so if the finish you require is not shown please contact us.

Please note that we do not hold finished hinges in stock.



• Bright Zinc ZN3 clear passivation (colour passivation – yellow, black to specification)

• Bright Zinc ZN10 to specification

• Nickel

• Bright Chromium (BS 1224 service condition 2) or to specification

• Polish and Chromium (BS 1224 service condition 2) or to specification

• Satin Chromium

• Brass Plating

• Bronze Plating


• Bright Polishing

• Satin Polishing (280 grit) or to specification


• Epoxy Powder Coating (zinc phosphate BS 3189 – polyester powder coat) black semi-gloss or to BS and RAL colours, matt or gloss

• Electrophoretic – standard black


• Standard Grey AA5 or to specification

• Alachrome


Unless specified otherwise, hinges are manufactured using the standard materials detailed right.

*Special materials are available on request.


Mild Steel CR4 and HR4 – BS 1449 PT1: 1991

Aluminium BS 1470: 1987 5251 H22

Stainless Steel BS 1449 PT2: 1983

304 S15 B.A. Finish (up to 1.6mm) 2B Finish (2mm and over)
*316 S11 2B Finish

Brass BS 2870: 1980 CZ 108

*Zintec BS EN 10 152

*Galvatite (smooth or spangled) BS 2989


Mild Steel BS 1052: 1980

Aluminium BS 1475: 1972 6063TD

Stainless Steel BS 1554: 1990

302/3 S31 (continuous/butt hinges with flush pins)

430/S18  (butt hinges with riveted pins)

*394/S17 (butt hinges with riveted pins)

*316/S11 (continuous/butt hinges with flush pins)

Brass BS 2873: 1969 CZ 108

Phosphor Bronze BS 2874: 1968 PB 102

*Galvanised BS 1052: 1980