looking after

your hinges

Lubrication, Lubrication, Lubrication...

When spending your hard earned money on a product, the last thing you want is for it to deteriorate quicker than is reasonably expected.

Hinges are a working, mechanical part, and therefore require maintenance.  It is absolutely essential that hinges are lubricated regularly.  This helps keeps a smooth opening and closing operation of the hinge, and also helps to protect the inside of the hinge from weathering and rust.


It's always a good idea to store hinges in a dry, well ventilated area, especially mild steel hinges.  Mild steel hinges will rust, even if stored in a box or crate, if they are kept outside.  

Caring for Zinc plated hinges

Zinc plating is an increasingly popular finish, due to its low cost and durability.  When it comes to hinges, many prefer to opt for zinc plated mild steel hinges instead of stainless steel hinges, due to cost.

The downside to this, is the zinc plated hinges are not weatherproof. 


The mechanics of a hinge, and the process of hingemaking does not allow all the working parts to be coated.  The inside of the rolls, and often the pin, are left as bare mild steel, and therefore will still rust at the first sign of moisture.  To help combat the inevitability of rust forming in hinges of this type, we suggest the following actions;

• Unpack the hinges on delivery, and ensure they are kept in a dry, well ventilated area

• Fit the hinges to the application as soon as possible

• Apply a paint finish to the hinges as soon as possible (where zinc plating has been used as an undercoat)

• Where zinc plate is the final finish, lubricate the hinges on delivery and fit to the application immediately

• Lubricate the hinges as often as possible, even if they are in storage and not fitted yet

The above is a guideline only, if you are unsure about what to do, please contact us.

Please be aware we are unable to accept returns of any kind for zinc plated hinges, after 30 days from the delivered date.