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We have a range of standard piercing options for continuous hinges;

For hinges 36" long and above, we offer a 4" (101.6mm) pitch.

For hinges below 36" long we offer 3" (76mm) pitch.

Please note, Condition 2 applies.

Please refer to the table below for information the various different hole sizes and centres we offer.

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Cant find the right pattern?

Try our security/special patterns;

Security & Special Patterns

Or go bespoke;


Condition 1


This condition applies where an engineering drawing is supplied.  We will ensure that holes are pierced exactly in accordance with the drawing, by either making a piercing tool to suit the hinge, or by making the hinges from laser cut blanks.

Condition 2


This condition applies where no engineering drawing is supplied, and therefore tools have not been made to suit the hinge.  Under this condition, we will pierce holes from our standard tooling.

This will result in;

• Holes not lining up with holes in pre-drilled components

• Holes that may not be consistent from hinge to hinge

• Holes they may not be consistent from batch to batch

If you are in any doubt about piercing and/or countersinking, please contact us.