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Deal or No Deal - Our Brexit Statement

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

A message to our customers regarding the impending Brexit situation...

With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and the possibility of leaving with "No Deal" drawing ever nearer, Gold & Wassall would like to assure our customers of the following;

• All of our products are manufactured in the UK

• All of our subcontractors are UK based

• Our carbon steel is mostly produced in the UK, the remainder has scope to be sourced from the UK

• We carefully monitor stock levels as a matter of course, and will ensure we have sufficient stock to see us through the transitional period of Brexit

• There are no immediate plans for a post-Brexit price increase. It is far too early to predict the impact on buying and selling at this stage. Any price increases in the near future will be in line with previous price increases, and not necessarily related to Brexit

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