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Personalised hinges?!

Yeah, we weren't sure about it either...

We were approached by former racing driver and all round nice guy Ricki Christodoulou, to create a hinge for his new product. Ricki has created a stunning racing helmet carry case - an idea born out of frustration at spending big money on helmets, only to end up kicking them across airport floors etc.

Given the huge attention to detail put in to the product, we were tasked with somehow incorporating the 'VCASO' logo onto the hinge, along with other text and some chevrons in line with the existing branding.

After careful consideration, we approached engraving experts Creative Laser Engraving in Lichfield, Staffordshire, with whom we produced the final product. Our hinges were epoxy powdercoated black, with the laser engraving removing the paint to expose the metal beneath.

All in all, we think the end product is pretty smart!

Take a look at the helmet case in full, on the VCASO website, by clicking here.

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